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Anzani A2



Alessandro Anzani was one of the most important pioneers in the development of aero engines. Born in Milan (Italy), he moved to France in the early 1900s, where he initially put efforts into various motorsport activities, including motorcycling, by means of the construction of engines of own original design. Soon he entered into the rising aeronautical sector by starting the development and the series production of a wide and renowned range of engines, both for military and general aviation aircraft. Many of them were used in various competitions and aviation feats, including the first aerial crossing of the English Channel, carried out in 1909 by Luois Blériot with an own aircraft (Blériot XI) equipped with an Anzani engine. The first models, derived from motorcycle engines, had 3 cylinders arranged in a double V of 60°. Then Anzani developed the new model A2, based on an inverted Y layout with 3 cylinders spaced of 120°. All were air-cooled with fixed cylinders, unlike other manufacturers who preferred the rotary engine arrangement. To obtain further power improvement, Anzani also developed engines with a greater number of cylinders, characterized by innovative technical solutions. Among these is the A4 model of 1910, a twin-row engine made of two 3-cylinder Y-shape engines, which was later produced in more powerful versions, by increasing its displacement.

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