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Turbomeca Palas



Turboméca was an important French company specialized in the production of small and medium power turbomachinery for various applications, which today is part of the Safran industrial group. Founded in 1938, the company began its activity with the design of compressors and turbines, followed by the the production of compressors and turbochargers for Hispano Suiza aero engines. Its first turbojet, named Piméné, was entirely designed in 1941 independently respect to the pioneering studies of Frank Whittle in England and Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain in Germany. However, due to the Secon World War, it was tested only in 1947 and then it was built in considerable quantities. Starting from the Piméné, Turboméca developed a new engine, named Palas, thanks to the contribution of some SNECMA patents and the technical experience gained by eng. Joseph Szydlowski (founder of Turboméca), who collaborated with a group of BMW technicians in the immediate post-war period. The Palas demonstrated excellent performance, thanks to which it was used in many light aircraft and powered gliders of French, English and Italian construction. It was also used in some traditional propeller-driven aircraft, as auxiliary engine to increase thrust during take-off. Its commercial success was such that it was mass-produced under license by Blackbourn & General Aircraft in the United Kingdom and by the American Teledyne.

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