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Lancia 818.100 - Fulvia 2C
1964 - 1969



In 1963 Lancia presented the new Fulvia sedan to replace the third and final series of the Appia. The new front-wheel drive car, characterized by the all-forward arrangement of its powertrain, required the construction of a new, very compact four-cylinder engine, named type 818.000. To cope with the limited space available, a very narrow V-shaped cylinder arrangement of a bit more than 12 degrees was specifically designed. This allowed the use of a single head and reduced the size of the engine, which was also inclined to the right side of the vehicle to lower the front bonnet overall height. Through various design upgrades and refinements, including the increase in engine displacement and the consequent increase in power, the engine was produced in many series for the Fulvia sedan and for the Fulvia coupé up to 1976. Both Lancia and numerous private developers created various racing models, which were successfully used in many competitions. The engine on display, built in 1966, belongs to the second construction series, named 818.100, introduced in 1964 for the Fulvia 2C sedan. It differs from the first series in the use of two horizontal twin-barrel carburettors instead of a single carburettor, which was replaced for better performance.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerLancia, Turin, Italy, from 1964 to 1969
Description12° narrow-V 4-cylinder engine, with single aluminium alloy head and cylinder block made of cast iron with 3 main bearings
Stroke67.0 mm
Bore72.0 mm
Displacement1091 cm³
Compression ratio9.0
Power71 hp at 6000 rpm
Torque92 Nm at 4300 rpm
Specific power65.1 hp/litre
Valvetrain system2 overhead valves per cylinder, operated through rocker arms by two overhead camshaft
Fuel feeding systemwith two twin-barrel gasoline Solex C32 carburetors
Ignition systemwith one spark plug per cylinder fed by an inductive discharge system with a high-voltage Magneti Marelli distributor
Cooling systemliquid-fed by a centrifugal pump
Lubrication systemforced by a gear pump


Lancia Fulvia 2C (sedan)


Kind donation of Mr. Giorgio Onori.


 - Museo Motori UNIPA

 - Museo Motori UNIPA
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