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Motore a vapore E.G. Neville & C. Venezia
Seconda metà del XIX secolo



Typical stationary steam engine widely used for power production in industry during the nineteenth century. The engine has a single-cylinder with a double acting piston. It was manufactured in Venice (Italy) by the Neville foundry, and it is equipped with a Ryder-type variable valve timing system controlled by a Buss-type regulator.


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Technical specifications

ManufacturerE.G. Neville & Co., Venice, Italy, second half of XIX century
Descriptionstationary steam engine, single double-acting cylinder
Stroke400 mm
Bore204 mm
Displacement26148 cm³
Powerabout 8 hp at 100 rpm with a pressure of 8 bar
Valvetrain systemwith double slide valve with variable valve timing system Rider, controlled by a Buss-type centrifugal speed regulator, manufactured by Schaeffer & Budenberg.
Feeding systemsupplied by steam at a maximum pressure of circa 8 bar
Lubrication systemwith multiple oilers


Commonly used in factories and workshops to drive operating machines, pumps or electric generators.


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