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Motore FIAT-OM tipo CO2D
1957 - 1972



Diesel 4 cylinders in-line engine, produced by FIAT-OM for light trucks, such as the OM Tigrotto.

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Technical specifications

ManufacturerOfficine Meccaniche (OM), Brescia, Italy, from 1957 to 1972
TypeCO2D - 10
Descriptioninline 4-cylinder engine, head and cylinder block made of cast iron, with 5 main bearings
Stroke120 mm
Bore108 mm
Displacement4397 cm³
Compression ratio16
Power85 hp at 2400 giri/minuto
Torque258 Nm at 1200 rpm
Specific power19.3 hp/litre
Valvetrain system2 overhead valves per cylinder, operated by pushrods and rocker arms drived by a camshaft housed in the crankcase
Fuel feeding systemwith a prechamber indirect injection system, supplied by a 4-piston reciprocating Diesel fuel pump, manufactured by FIAT under Bosch license
Cooling systemliquid-fed by a centrifugal pump
Lubrication systemforced by a gear pump


OM Tigrotto (truck)

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