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Motore a gas Ruston, Proctor & Co. CD
Inizio '900



This engine can be considered for its arrangements as the typical stationary internal combustion engine of the early XX century, widely used to drive operating machines, pumps or electric generators. Despite its overall arrangement is strictly derived from the contemporary steam engines, it has all those features which have been progressively developed in the following decades. In particular this engine has been acquired in circa 1906 to drive the working machines in a Sicilian sulphur mine. Then it was used to produce electricity in a mountain farm near Palermo, up to the 1950s.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerRuston, Proctor and Co., Lincoln, United Kingdom, 1900s
Descriptionstationary four-stroke single-cylinder internal combustion engine
Stroke280 mm
Bore181 mm
Displacement7205 cm³
Power12 hp
Valvetrain systemwith poppet valves driven by a camshaft
Fuel feeding systemsupplied by gaseous fuel
Ignition systemwith a spark plug fed by an oscillating magneto
Cooling systemliquid-fed
Lubrication systemwith multiple oilers


Commonly used in factories and workshops to drive operating machines, pumps or electric generators.


Kind donation of Mrs. Gaetana Saporito Scalia.

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