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Motore marino British Seagull
Anni '60



The Silver Century engine, introduced in the mid-1960s, belongs to the numerous models of two-stroke marine engines manufactured by the British Seagull since the 1930s. Thanks to its simple arrangement as well as its great reliability, these engines have been widely used for decades in various types of pleasure boats.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerBritish Seagull Co., Poole (Dorset), United Kingdom, 1960s
TypeSilver Century
Description2-stroke single-cylinder engine, cast iron cylinder, head and crankcase made of aluminum alloy
Stroke57 mm
Bore40 mm
Displacement102 cm³
Power4.5 hp at 4500 rpm
Specific power44.1 hp/litre
Fuel feeding systemwith a single-barrel gasoline carburetor
Ignition systemwith a spark plug fed by a high-voltage flywheel magneto
Cooling systemliquid-fed by a centrifugal pump
Lubrication systemsupplied by a premixed fuel-oil mixture (1:10 in volume)
Weight17 kg (dry)
Power-to-weight ratio3.78 kg/hp
Propeller transmission ratio12/48 through a reduction drive with a pair of bevel gears


Small recreational boats.


Kind donation of Mr. Giosuè Lo Piccolo.

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