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Ferrari F136 E
2004 - 2009



The engine of the Ferrari F430, Tipo F136, is a 90° V8 engine, designed according to the typical Ferrari flat shaft architecture (180° between the cranks). The application of the experience gained by Ferrari in Formula 1 has allowed an improvement of the engine, compared to its predecessor, in terms of performance, weight and reduction in overall dimensions. Despite a 20% increase in displacement, the weight of the engine has increased by only 4 kg, while performance has significantly improved with a maximum power of 490 HP at 8500 rpm. The engine is extremely compact thanks to a dry sump lubrication system, integrated into the crankcase. Thanks to a deep development of the internal fluid dynamics, the combustion efficiency was optimized, achieving an impressive specific power of 114 HP/litre in compliance with the highest emission standards in force at the time of the car's launch (Euro 4 and LEV 2). With the F136 engine the Ferrari 430 is able to reach 100 km/h from standstill in 4 seconds, 200 km/h in 12.2 seconds and a top speed of over 315 km/h. The engine on display was donated by Ferrari S.p.A. at the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms in 2023 as part of the collaboration activities developed for the international sport and classic car event Targa Florio Classica and Ferrari Tribute.


Technical specifications

ManufacturerFerrari S.p.A., Maranello, from 2004 to 2009
TypeF136 E
DescriptionV-90° 8-cylinders engine, with heads, pistons and crankcase in aluminium alloy, flat-plane crankshaft with 5 main bearings
Stroke81 mm
Bore92 mm
Displacement4308 cm³
Compression ratio11.3
Max. power490 HP at 8500 rpm
Max. torque465 Nm at 5250 rpm
Brake mean effective pressure13.6 bar
Mean piston speed23 m/s at 8500 rpm
Specific power114 HP/litre
Electronic control systemBosch Motronic ME7 with two control units, two motorized throttles and active anti-knock control system
Valvetrain system4 valves per cylinder, controlled by two camshafts in each bank driven by chains, with inlet and exhaust variable valve timing system
Fuel feeding systemelectronically controlled gasoline indirect injection, with variable geometry intake ducts
Ignition systemelectronically controlled with one spark plug per cylinder, powered by an independent coil per cylinder
Cooling systemliquid
Lubrication system dry-sump type, with mechanical gear pumps and with an oil-water heat exchanger placed between the two engine banks
Mass175 kg
Power-to-mass ratio2.8 HP/kg


Ferrari F430


Kind donation of Ferrari S.p.A.

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