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Motore FIAT tipo 101
1919 - 1926



The Fiat type 101 well represents the typical automotive engine design of the 1920s. It was designed for the FIAT 501 and 502 that were spread in Italy between the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerFIAT, Turin, Italy, from 1919 to 1926
Descriptioninline 4-cylinder engine, aluminium alloy crankcase with 3 main bearings, cast iron cylinder block and head
Stroke110 mm
Bore65 mm
Displacement1460 cm³
Compression ratio4.3
Power23 hp at 2600 rpm
Specific power15.8 hp/litre
Valvetrain system2 side valves per cylinder, controlled by a camshaft housed in the crankcase, driven by a pair of gears
Fuel feeding systemwith a single barrel gasoline carburetor
Ignition systemwith a spark plug per cylinder fed by a high-voltage magneto distributor Marelli MP4
Cooling systemliquid-fed by a centrifugal pump
Lubrication systemforced by a gear pump


FIAT 501, FIAT 502 and FIAT 503 (with increased power to 27 hp)

Testi e immagini di Giuseppe Genchi
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