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Motore Ford EcoBoost 1.0 L



The EcoBoost 1.0 L engine was developed at the Ford Research Center in Dunton (UK) in cooperation with the FEV research center in Germany. From 2012 it has been produced to equip various Ford models. The main constructive features are: the displacement of only 998 cm3 (downsizing) with three cylinders in line, the direct in-cylinder gasoline injection system, the variable valve timing for suction and exhaust operated by a toothed belt in an oil bath, the supercharging with a low inertia turbogroup, which can reach a maximum speed of 248000 rpm and tolerate a maximum operating temperature of 1050 °C, the lubrication system with variable displacement pump. Due to its technical characteristics and performance, the engine has obtained the prestigious international "Engine of the year" award in the category with a displacement of less than one litre, from 2012 to 2017.

Technical specifications

ManufacturerFord Motor Company, from 2012
TypeEcoBoost 1.0 L SCTi GTDi
Descriptioninline 3-cylinder engine, cylinder block made of cast iron with 4 main bearings, head and pistons made of aluminium alloy head
Stroke81.9 mm
Bore71.9 mm
Displacement998 cm³
Compression ratio10.0
Power125 CV at 6000 rpm
Torque170 Nm between 1400 to 4500 rpm, 200 Nm with overboost
Specific power125.3 hp/litre
Electronic control systemBosch MED17 with CAN-Bus system, including knock detection for each cylinder
Valvetrain system4 valves per cylinder with hydraulic tappets, controlled by two overhead camshafts, with intake and exhaust variable timing system, driven by toothed belts
Fuel feeding systemhigh pressure gasoline direct injection
Supercharging systemexhaust gas turbocharger Continental with and air-to-air cooler, max. impeller speed 248000 rpm, max. turbine exhaust gas inlet temperature 1050 °C
Ignition systemwith a spark plug and a dedicated ignition coil in each cylinder
Cooling systemliquid-fed by a centrifugal pump, with 2 indipendent thermostatic valve for head and for cylinder block
Lubrication systemforced by a variable flow pump with an oil cooler
Mass97 kg (dry)
Exhaust aftertreatment systemthree-way catalytic converter with both upstream and downstream oxygen sensor
Toxic emission stageEuro 5


Fiesta (incl. B-max), Focus (incl. C-Max), Transit Courier


Kind donation of Ford Italia.

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